Monday, January 2, 2012

Organizing Part One

Organizing my house is priority one right now.  Here is a look at the first steps:

I love this dry erase board!  It is glass and magnetic!  Now, I have a glimpse of the whole week and if we have tickets to an event, they can be kept on that day with the nifty magnets!

I love the mail sorter, too!  I am currently using one slot for things that need to go to the bank, one for bills, and one for other things that need more time to go through; read: Later pile!  The key hooks were badly needed!  The key to it now is to get my family to adapt to the changes!  

What you cannot see in this photo is the paper shredder.  It is sitting on the floor below eagerly waiting use!  One of our worst culprits of clutter is the shred pile.  I am the only one who will use the shredder.  Apparently, it is very difficult to turn on.  Usually it is in a different room from where I pay the bills and sort the mail.  I am hoping by placing it where I have it will be easier to put it to immediate use and so that I can eliminate the stacks of things waiting to be shredded.

This sorter is on the back of the hall closet door.  I am an Independent Consultant for Scentsy, and I needed a better way to keep my paperwork organized.  I am not able to devote an entire room to my Scentsy business, but I am able to use part of this closet.  My paperwork was quickly taking over areas of my dining room.  This sorter has pockets that are big enough to hold spools of ribbon, catalogs, my tax receipts, and even some of the smaller products.  I love the hooks on the bottom!  I am using them to hold some of my testers!

My next project is the garage.  Hopefully, it will go well!

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