Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Goal!

I have a new goal for the new year!  Are you ready?  I want to be better organized!  We have lived in this house about one year now and, I really need to have a better system for, well, everything!  I hate clutter and we have lots of it!  It is driving me batty!  It must be stopped!

I recently discovered and Peter Walsh; thank you Nate Berkus!  My first order includes a coat rack for my daughters room, a mail sorter with key hooks, a dry erase board, and an organizer that hooks to the back of a door.  I will post pictures of these items when they are up and running!

Of course, I quickly created a second order and it is focused on items for the garage.  Let me tell you, our garage needs help!  My husband longs for the day that we can both park in there!  Part of our problem with the garage is that this garage is smaller than the garage we had at our old house.  The tool rack and cabinet are just too big.  Not to mention the amount of room that is taken up by the lawn mower, spreader, and weed eater!  Oh, and did I mention we have children?  Enter the stroller that is parked in the garage.  And the stack of boxes that still need to be unpacked.  We live in tornado alley, so we have a tornado shelter, too.

I hope to make some progress in de-cluttering and organizing.  Of course, the system will only work if the rest of the household takes part.  What a wonderful thing that would be!  Wish me luck!

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