Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Before Picture

Here is a look at my new project:

This is the before photo.  There are two of these nightstands and I, well, I can't stand them!  The problem is that I am pretty well stuck with them.  These nightstands came with my husband.  They used to belong to his grandmother, while she is no longer with us, these nightstands are still hanging on.  I will admit that there used to be a dresser, too.  Did you notice the use of the past tense when discussing the dresser?  Oh yeah, it is long gone!  Do I feel bad about that...nope!  It was missing a drawer, it was easier to toss.  But these night stands, they are still here.

You would need to see these in person to fully appreciate the need for attention and change.  (read: YUCK!)  They are brown and not a nice brown. The paint is peeling in some places and in other places it has nearly 1/8 of an inch of polyurethane protecting it!  I can't take it anymore!

My solution to this problem: I bought a sander!  I sanded these babies down!  They are no longer brown!  I am so happy!  I now have a clean slate!  Unfortunately, one of the stands suffered an injury during the sanding.  It will require some CPR, stat!

I have already applied my base coat and I am gathering the supplies to finish the project.  I will post the after pictures as soon as I am finished!

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