Thursday, July 18, 2013

We have been trying a new church this summer.  LifeChurch.  I started out by watching the sermons online, now we are attending a local campus.  Right now they are in their At the Movies series and I have to say, we are really enjoying it.  I think they are doing a great thing, using movies to reach out to people and make a biblical connection with them.

We started looking at Life Church because we really needed a children's program for our daughter.  This has been a very difficult year for her.  School was horrible, class full of mean girls, student teacher who should not be a teacher, teacher out on leave for half of the year, student teacher became the teacher, the list goes on and on.

Our hope is that by finding her a church group where she feels comfortable, she will realize the difference in nice kids and mean kids.  She would make friends outside of school, where she doesn't have any.  She would have a chance to have an example of how she should be treated and how she should be treating others.

Usually, we prefer smaller church settings.  Unfortunately, the smaller churches cannot afford the type of security and precautions in the children's departments that we require.  While LifeChurch is the largest church we have ever attended, we are hopeful to have the opportunity to connect on a smaller level.  Another benefit of attending a larger church is they are involved in more things.  There are more opportunities to become involved.

So for now, LifeChurch is meeting our needs; as long as they continue to provide earplugs!  The live band is very talented, but also very loud.  It is more like attending a concert every week.  But, if that is what I have to overlook in order to be closer to God and meet a need for my family, I can deal with that.  Check out LifeChurch online if you have a chance, you just may enjoy it, too.

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