Thursday, September 12, 2013

I need to build something!

Have you had one of those days, or seasons, where you just feel like you need to build something?  For me, the opportunity to build, or create something is therapy!  It is my stress relief, it is how I make sense of this world, and how I can take a step away and regroup my thoughts.  When my life gets tough and caotic, I create.  I can create my way through a crisis like the best of them.

We have a new routine in our family this year, both of our children are in school for the first time and not at the same school.  I feel like I am running all over town trying to meet their needs.  Add in church and bible study and I am a mess!

I am feeling the need to build something in a big way!  I need to tear apart a pallet and build a piece of furniture.  Or, paint something.  Or, maybe I will break out the sewing machine.

What do you do to relax or chill out?  Do you create things?  Do you go to the gym?  Do you read?

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