Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last Night's Supper

Our family is a little different from the normal American family.  We very rarely eat out, and I make all of the meals.  Every day, three times a day plus snacks.  We do not eat processed foods, dairy, refined sugar, or grains.  Two of us cannot have gluten, and one of those two cannot have egg whites, either.  Exhausted yet?  You know you want to come cook for us.  No?  Where is your sense of adventure?

Last night, I made almond crusted chicken nuggets and balsamic glazed carrot "coins."  Now, these items were both baked in the oven, easy to prepare, and delicious!

Whatever we have to eat on Monday night is what my oldest will have to eat in her lunch for the next few days, so it has to be kid friendly.  Both kids loved the meal!  It was a success all the way around!  I love when that happens!

And you know the best part?  I know what ingredients were used.  These were healthy nuggets!

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