Monday, October 21, 2013

Processed Foods

Why must our food be processed to the extent that it is?  Why can't food just be food?  When did we become a society that has to have added flavors to everything?

I know a lot of people prefer meals that are fast, or require short prep times, but can we not have healthy meals, too?

Maybe I am one of the few people who prefer the actual taste of food, not all of the additives or artificial flavors.  I like being able to prepare meals the "old fashioned" way.  Faster is not always better.  I think it is unhealthy to cook in teflon coated pans, give me cast iron cookware any day!  I don't think artificial flavors belong in our foods.  Why would we want something created in a lab instead of something grown in nature?

Why can't sugar just be sugar?  Why is it being bleached?  Why has wheat been modified to be the product we now have today?  And corn for that matter.

Why is profit more important than our health?

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