Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Blues

It is this time of year when I start to look at real estate in warmer climates.  I don't think I am particularly picky just something warmer, with a sandy beach, and warmer.  I saw a show late last night, or early this morning depending on your perspective, about bargain price beach properties.  I learned I prefer the mid to south east coast to the north west coast.  I also think I would enjoy St. Augustine Florida.  So pretty and so full of history!  I love history!

I also look at property in Hawaii.  Hawaii is very near and dear to my heart.  I love it there.  Beautiful people, beautiful land and beaches, great food, and fantastic weather!  

Meanwhile in the tundra, we have ice from two days ago, snow from yesterday, brutal cold temps today and some earthquakes mixed in.  

I am ready for spring!  I hope we have an actual spring season this year and don't jump right in to summer.  

Off to put on another layer of clothes...

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