Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pursuing the Goal

I have started working towards my goal of healthy living again.  I have started Zumba!  I bought the box set of DVDs last year; and I decided to start using them.  I am following the 10 pounds in 10 days plan and I am really enjoying it!  This plan involves a daily workout and a healthy eating plan.  The recipes are tasty and easy!  I do have to change them up a bit, due to my allergy, but they are still enjoyable and easy!  
I must say that I love the exercise!  At first I was watching the DVD thinking “there is no way I can move like that!”  But, within a few days I was doing much better!  It is so much fun and I love it!  My kiddos are doing it with me!  They both love to dance and this is right up their line!  
We are also walking more.  We have always walked to and from school when the weather permits, but now we are also walking an additional 2 miles.  It is such a great family activity and I love the conversations that happen.  Our youngest gets a pass and enjoys the ride in the stroller, but yesterday we took our dog with us, too.  He has been enjoying a little too much highchair-fall-out.  He could stand to lose a pound or two!
What is your favorite form of exercise?  Do you prefer to workout at home, or the gym?  Are you a lone wolf or do you need a class to keep you going?

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