Thursday, January 24, 2013

Devotion, Faith, and Trust

Have you seen or noticed those people who seem to lead such a God-like life that it seems almost fake or sickening?  You know the ones who seem to float above all of the rest of us.  The ones who aren’t afraid to or don’t hesitate to give someone a pat on the back and say that they will pray for them.  All the while they have this almost pitying look on their face that, I think, is supposed to be a look of caring and understanding.  
Or, those people who always seem to have everything work out for them.  No matter what, things out.  Maybe they were short on funds, then all of the sudden money seemingly falls into their lap.  Or, they are working at one job and suddenly they are offered another job which would be such a huge blessing.  And here is the kicker, they never applied or said anything to anyone about looking for a job. 
I have always strived to be a person who lives in the light of God.  Someone who will rely on Him not only when things are tough, but also when things are going well, and when things are “normal.”  Unfortunately, I have not always been successful at this.  I have lost my focus, on more than one occasion.  
I seem to be one of those people who has moments of faithful living. And many more moments of unfaithful living.  Many moments of living in doubt of Him.  I am not proud of it, but it is the simple truth.  
I was raised in a family that did not attend church regularly.  My father was catholic and my mom baptist.  Needless to say, they did not see eye to eye on matters of religion.  
I desperately want to give my children a much better basis in the church than what I had. Unfortunately, we have had a difficult time finding a church we all feel comfortable in and that we agree with.  It is not easy to find a place where I can willingly send my children off with someone I do not know.  
Regardless of my issues, I still long to be one of those people who easily trusts in Him.  I hope I am not one of those people I mentioned earlier who seems almost fake in their faith, as if they are trying too hard.  But, I do want to improve.
I am starting a new bible study book.  I have recently discovered Beth Moore, and I have really enjoyed her writings.  I will be reading her Breaking Free book.  I hope to experience a devotion to Him like never before.  One that allows me to see things more clearly and to be more trusting in Him and perhaps to make it easier for me to rely on Him like I know He wants us to, like we are called to do.  
Wish me luck!

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