Monday, January 21, 2013

Then God

I have learned something very valuable.  I learned that I have been looking at things all wrong.  I used to think that if I wanted to avoid something, or keep it from happening I needed to pray to God and ask him to take away whatever perceived threat there was; whatever fear I had.  I used to think he wasn’t listening, or I wasn’t faithful enough, or I wasn’t good enough if those things still happened.  

I now know that this simply isn’t what I was supposed to do.  I was supposed to lean on him if these things, or fears, happened.  I was supposed to ask him for help getting through it, not around it.

If something happens in my life, then ask him for help.  If I waste so much of my time worrying about my fears, I am missing out on some great things!  If something bad happens, He will get me through it.  That is when I should be praying to him asking for strength, not begging Him to keep things at bay.  

He will always be there for me.  If one of my fears does happen, there is something I am supposed to learn from it.  Or, that event was supposed to happen to shape me or someone else in my life.  Bottom line: That event is supposed to happen.  Maybe it is supposed to give me a new purpose in life, or expand on something I am already led to do.  To point me in the right, or new direction.

Whatever the reason for an event in my life, the fact remains, He will be there for me.  So something didn’t go the way I wanted, then God.  It is his plan, let Him lead it.  

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