Saturday, June 15, 2013

Simple Rain

I am amazed at how quickly I had forgotten what it is like to have a rainy day without the need to stay glued to the weather coverage on the television and feet away from the storm shelter.

You see, I live in the Oklahoma City Metro area; and I have seen many tornadoes throughout my years.  Some were not so bad, and others were record setting.  Unfortunately, these are not the kind of records anyone wants to see being set.

I have noticed a trend, as the years have gone by, the storms are stronger then they used to be.  They are more violent.  They are closer.  They are faster.  They are relentless.

Growing up everyone used to say tornadoes did not go into big cities, and that they never went on the same track twice.

Unfortunately, I have seen this to be false.

Today, we were blessed with rain.  While this was a thunderstorm, it was nothing like those of May of this year.  I realized how much of a toll the previous storms had taken on me, and how stressful it all was.  As a parent, it is that much more important to stay informed so that you are able to keep your children safe.

Hopefully, we will be able to continue to take a step away from those tornadic weather patterns we have been seeing.  Rain.  Just rain.  What a beautiful thing!

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