Friday, August 30, 2013

VMA's...Is this what our world has come to?

I will tell you, I did not watch the VMA's.  I usually do not watch them, at least not the first time they are on.  You see, I do not agree with the direction most of our singer and songwriters are going.  I do not agree with the direction most of our movies and TV shoes are going either.  I did, however, see a replay of the Miley Cyrus incident.  You know, the one with all of the teddy bears, twerking, and the foam finger?  Yes, I saw that.  I regret seeing that.  I cannot un-see that.  I wish I could.

Seeing this "performance", made me sad.  It made me sad to see a young lady in such a public outcry for help.  If there was ever a person who needs Jesus in her life, it is Miley Cyrus!  The sad reality is: This performance was not entertaining.  It was in extremely poor taste.  It did not just cross the line, it blew up the line.  It is something she will never be able to distance herself from; it will live on forever thanks to the internet.

It makes me sad to think of how many people were effected by this performance.  Not only is Miley feeling the consequences of her actions, but also, Robin Thicke, the back up dancers, the other performer, the poor teddy bears, and the foam finger that I am sure spontaneously combusted back stage.  The shock and embarrassment was just too much for the foam finger!

I truly hope this performance go as was planned and rehearsed.  If this is the show they meant to put on, then shame on them.  Each and every one of them!  MTV needs to be more careful of what they air!

I hope Miley gets the help she so desperately needs.  I, am many other people, will be praying for her.

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