Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This morning started out like any other, we got up showered and got the kids ready.  We took the oldest to basketball camp, and let the youngest pass the ball around before camp started.  

Now here is where my day took a turn and started to show me its true colors.  In hindsight, it is all very clear.  You see, when I got up to leave, I banged my elbow on the chair back; I had clobbered my funny bone.  The thing is, funny bones aren’t really that funny; they hurt!

The youngest and I were on our way home, which is 1/2 a mile away, when I heard a loud crack on the window.  We had passed by a tractor pulling a brush-hog that had thrown a rock that had hit the side window of our car.  The rock hit hard enough to chip the glass.  I am so thankful the window did not shatter because that is where my youngest sits and she could have been hurt.

Then when we got home, we went out in the backyard.  We had started out having fun and shooting some baskets, then we were going to go inside for something and lo and behold, the door was locked.  We were lock out of the house.  We were stuck in the backyard.  I had to call the hubby and have him drive 30 minutes one way to let us in our own house.  Of course while we were waiting, the youngest needed to go potty.

Later in the day, I decided to mow the grass.  The backyard went well.  I took a break to check on the girls and drink some water.  When I tried to start the mower, it had other plans.  Plans that did not include my front yard.  I got my tools out and took apart the air breather and cleaned it.  When I went to put it back together, I realized the socket had fallen off the wrench and was nowhere to be found.  I resorted to using the old fashioned, manual lawn mower.  You know the kind that they used on the Brady Bunch.  

It is one of those days where I am afraid to start anything else because so many things have proven very challenging.  But, most of all, I am thankful.  Thankful He is watching over us.  Thankful things didn’t go worse.  You see, the window could have broken and my youngest could have been hurt.  But, He didn’t let it, it wasn’t in his plan.

I could have left my cellphone inside and we could have been locked out of the house without any way to call for help.  But we weren’t, He didn’t let us, it wasn’t in his plan.

While my day may not have been the easiest, and it may not have gone how I would have hoped, I am still thankful for all that went right!  We are safe, we are inside, and the grass is mowed before the rain starts this evening.  He saw to that, and I am happy and thankful!

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